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Scholarships for International Students at the University of Tehran (Undergraduate and Masters)

University of Tehran scholarships provide financial grant to the selected number of academically eligible students. The Scholarship programs are created each year and the amounts are subject to change. Scholarship applications are sent directly to the Office of International Students at University of Tehran and applications of the current University of Tehran students (after approval at the College/Faculty) will be considered in University of Tehran International Council and decisions will be made based on the C.V. and supporting documents.

  • To be considered for scholarships, students must submit a completed application for the Fall semester by June 5 and Winter Semester by October 5.
  • The number of scholarships will be announced annually by University of Tehran. Scholarship grants are contingent upon the applicant’s academic records and the availability of scholarships awarded by UT. The International Council of the College/ Faculty evaluates the study records of the applicants and sends them to the Office of Vice President for International Affairs.

Requirements for the University of Tehran Scholarships

  • Applicants wishing to receive scholarship for B.A. /B.Sc. degree programs must be under 24 years of age, and for M.A. and M.Sc. programs they must be under 28 years of age.

Priorities for the Selection

These scholarships are awarded to international applicants or current international students at UT who fulfill the following requirements. Recipients are identified through evaluation of academic achievement including CV and previous degree GPA (minimum of 80 (B+).

  • For the Current International Students at UT
    • Minimum GPA of 16 at the end of the second academic term
    • For M.Sc. students of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Fine Arts, and Agriculture a GPA of 17 should be obtained at the end of the second academic term. All M.Sc. and M.A. students of other fields of study should obtain a GPA of 18 at the end of the second academic term to be considered eligible for scholarship.
    • B.A. students of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Fine Arts, and Agriculture should have a GPA of 17 out of 20 at the end of the second academic term in order to be considered eligible for scholarship. For students of other fields of study a minimum GPA of 18 out of 20 at the end of the second academic term is necessary.
  • Talented National and International Applicants
  • Applicants from Muslim and Neighboring Countries
  • Applicants who have applied through MOUs between UT and other HEIs abroad.
  • Proficient in Persian
  • Proficient in English
  • Having a valid GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS certificate with a minimum score accepted by UT International Council
  • UT scholarships are normally offered for the full period for which students are liable to pay tuition fees. This is usually the same as the duration of the study. (4 years for  B.A./B.Sc. students, 4 years for Ph.D. students, 6 years for Veterinary Medicine students, 2 years for M.A. and M.Sc. students)

UT Scholarship is offered only for one degree program at UT. In exceptional cases and based on recommendations of the previous degree supervisor, and the approval of the department, applications of those who have received scholarship in their previous studies may be considered by UT international Council.

Scholarship Benefit

Scholarship may cover one or several of the followings:

  1. Registration fees of Persian courses
  2. Registration fees of the University of Tehran
  3. Access to University of Tehran dormitories (single-married)
  4. Insurance (for the scholarship recipients and their immediate family members)
  5. Monthly stipend in special cases after the approval of the International Council of the College/Faculty and University of Tehran
  • Students/Applicants who have already received scholarship from other sources in the I.R. of Iran are not eligible to receive the University of Tehran scholarship.

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