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King Baudouin African Development Prize 2018-2019

The King Baudouin African Development Prize (awarded every other year) aims to reward individuals or organisations who are making an outstanding contribution to development in Africa. The Prize pays attention to initiatives which stand out as the best in their field significantly improve the quality of life of the populations they serve, and empower local communities to take development into their own hands.


Who can apply?

The submission of a candidate’s file may only be undertaken by a nominator. The selection committee will not consider applications by individuals who are applying for the Prize themselves or for an organization within which they are active.

The Prize will be awarded to Africans or organisations which are founded and led by Africans.

Financial Support

€ 200.000

Selection Criteria

  • Are they innovative and exemplary?
  • Does the candidate have concrete realizations under his belt?
  • Are they capable of being duplicated elsewhere on the continent?
  • Is there a long-term vision?
  • Is the financial management healthy and transparent?
  • Are the initiatives embedded at local level?
  • Do they consider the gender perspective?
  • Are the initiatives directed at all actors of society (inclusiveness)?

Click here to apply for the Prize

Click here for more information on the financial support

Application Deadline: March 01, 2018

More information like this @theafricanscholar

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