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Apply now for 2018 Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Grant for Journalists and Writers

The FNPI- Gabriel García Márquez New Journalism Foundation, the Michael Jacobs Foundation, and the Cartagena Hay Festival announce: Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Grant 2018.

This grant’s purpose is to provide an incentive for travel journalism. The fourth edition will award 7,500 American dollars to a travel book or article project that takes Spanish Latin America or Spain for its subject, to be published in Spanish or English.

In selecting the winner, the jury will consider the narrative quality and the journalistic depth of the projects. For Michael Jacobs, travel journalism went beyond the mere anecdote, and this grant therefore seeks work capable of awakening the five senses and opening the mind of the reader. The winner will be officially announced during the Cartagena Hay Festival taking place January 25-28, 2018.

Requirements for the Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Grants for Journalists/Writers:

  • Journalists and writers of any nationality may apply so long as their work is in travel writing set in Spanish Latin America or Spain, written in Spanish or English.
  • An autobiography of a maximum of 800 words (in Spanish or English) in which the writer describes their experience in travel journalism and their motivation for requesting the grant. Conventional resumes or curricula vitae will not be considered.
  • A detailed presentation of the project (article or book) that includes a project description, timetable, and expected itinerary.
  • The article or book must be written in Spanish or English. The project must not necessarily be finalized, since the project seeks to support a project in development. However, at least a fragment of the work must be submitted for the jury to evaluate the author’s narrative dexterity.
  • A piece by the author published in print or digitally. The candidate must have at least one article or book published at the moment of applying.

Benefits of the Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Grants for Journalists/Writers:

  • 7,500 American dollars as an incentive to finance the research and writing of the article or book. The sum includes the taxes to be paid by the beneficiary and the sponsoring institutions. It will be disbursed in the following way: 50% when the winner is announced and 50% once the work is finished and has been handed over to the publisher.
  • The winner will be invited to serve as jury for the next edition of the Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Grant.
  • Courtesy of the Asociación Manolo El Sereno (MAELSE), the winner will be invited to spend a maximum of six months in a house in Frailes, Andalucía, Spain, where Michael Jacobs wrote some of his last books.22018

NOTE: The stay at MAELSE does not include flights, meals, or personal expenses.

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More information about this Travel Grant for Journalists/Writers

Application Deadline: January 9, 2018

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